Monday, August 21, 2017

Month Five Update

The very first day of the 5th month (or the very last day of the fourth month?) my sweet doodle bug rolled over from back to belly and then from belly to back right in front of both Drew and I! It really was quite special that we were both there to witness it AND that it didn't happen at day care. Jude was so excited to show off his new trick that he spent the next 45 minutes rolling all over he floor to celebrate.
Before I know it, he's  going to be crawling and then walking. Then it's no more fancy stuff for this say I'm ill prepared would be the understatement of the century. But I guess we will cross that redecorating bridge when we crawl to it.
Meanwhile, in other redecorating news, I feel like I've never stopped nesting since finding our we were pregnant and having an almost mobile baby has not helped in the matter. I finally gave up my struggle with the playroom/office/guest room and moved myself out. I'm currently taking up space in the alcove of our built ins in the family room next to the pack and play that my child is no longer interested in being any part of.
Besides redecorating the family room to be a little bit more functional (read: giant mess all the time,) I'm trying to slowly transition some of the baby and toddler stuff into the playroom full time. Maybe then I'l be able to find some sort of zen among the mountains of toys and gear we have at our house. This child is so stinking spoiled already....
So enough about that and on with the baby boy updates!
At his last check up, our little bug was weighing in at 13 pounds and 15 ounces of pure baby chub and sweetness. He's 24 inches long and seeming to favor his maternal side's inclination towards teeny. He's only 16% percentile for weight and 6% for height! But he's growing steadily and healthily so I am not complaining. I like to think we're doing our part to keep the tailor and seamstress industry afloat.
Jude is slowly adjusting to sleeping at day care, but still hasn't quite figured out how to nap very long through all the excitement! He absolutely loves having his fellow babies around and has struck up quite a friendship with another girl who is just a smidgen older than him. The other day I walked in to pick him up and they were just nestled together on the floor, sticking their hands in each other's mouths (eww) and giggling. It was an absolute riot!
Sleep through the night isn't really happening quite yet, but he only wakes up once to eat very quickly and goes back down quite easily. He has had a few nights during that dreaded 4 month sleep regression period where he threw us for quite the loop and woke up every 45 minutes to two hours for a stretch of about a week and a day or two here and there. Other than that, he really is still the easiest baby I've ever met. So laid back, so smiley, and just overall happy and calm.
He's certainly learning things at a rate that this mama is not quite ready for, and every day I feel like he's grown a foot by the time I pick him up from day care. These days are flying by, and we are enjoying every single bit of him!
Monthly Milestones:
  • First sleep regression, although I don't really know if it qualifies since it was so mild! I can tell I'm jinxing myself for the next one...
  • Rolling over to belly and occasionally back to his tummy
  • Scooting himself in a circle on the floor while lying on his belly. I can tell he is itching to be mobile and is going to be creeping before we know it.
  • First solids while we were on vacation in Michigan! He tried peas first and love, love, loved them! I thinned them out with formula and waited a few days before trying his next solid, sweet potatoes. Although he did great and loved those too, I think they may have been a bit to tough on his little digestive system. We waited awhile until he had some, err, movement in that area, and a few days later tried thinned out pears. Same reaction, so I think we'll be holding off again on solids for a few more weeks. 
  • Using a spoon to feed himself the aforementioned pears. It was so stinking funny to watch! He laughed and squealed at his new trick! It made my heart just swell with joy to hear him laugh like that!
  • Sitting up a long while when assisted, although he hasn't quite mastered it on his own. 
  • Starting to realize that when I leave the room and he squalls, that mom comes right back. He thinks that this is quite hilarious. Little stinker.
  • Sleeping in the Merlin suit without the Dock A Tot. We decided that when he started rolling over, he immediately was going to come out of the Dock A Tot and sleep only swaddled in his crib. He did pretty well with the transition and we have started using the Merlin every night to help with his Moro reflex. As usual, he really isn't fazed by much and barely noticed the change. 
  • Found his feet at the end of July and has become quite enamored with them as well as trying to stick them in his mouth. He also spends quite a bit of time grabbing them and rolling onto his side, mostly while on the changing pad. He has peed on himself at least three times because of said rolling. We like to linger on the changing pad for a little air drying and nekkid time! It's so funny to see how giggly he gets simply because he's not wearing any clothes or diaper. Babies are such a hoot!
Monthly Memories

  • First annual Logsdon Family Trip to Grand Beach in New Buffalo, MI. Jude got to meet his Aunt Amber, Uncle Jay, cousin Charlotte, Great Uncle Marty, second cousin twice removed (???) Julia (who is Jude's new favorite person in the world!) and a slew of other extended family members that dropped in to say hi! I am so happy that we finally got to spend some time with Jay and his family. We hadn't seen them since the wedding and it was about to kill us!
  • A big Demos family celebration for my mom, Aunt Carol and Uncle Bill, and Aunt Ellen for lots of various reasons! 
  • First weekend away from Dad for his annual Laurel Lake trip with the boys! Jude and I had plenty of quality time with Grandma, Maggie, and my OCD :)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nursery reveal

Great Aunt Carol made these hot air balloon decorations for the baby shower she and Great Aunt Beth threw for us!

A Family Heirloom from Great Grandma Demos

Some of Great Grandma Demos' Beatrix Potter Collection

My old piggy bank and Dad's old pull toy

Drapes from Target, rug from Overstock, Crib is Babyletto, bedding and tround bins are Petit Pehr from Nordstroms, mirrors are from TJ Maxx, camel from Land of Nod

Pottery Barn ladder shelves , chair was a hand me down that I had reupholstered in leftover fabric that I originally used on our living room couch, rust colored metal cart is from Ikea, and all the vintage travel posters I got for $4 a piece on Groupon.

White Hemnes dresser from Ikea, diaper organizer from Pottery Barn Baby, lamps from TJ Maxx, vintage travel posters were custom framed at Michael's, and the changing pad cover is also Petit Pehr.

The Pottery Barn Kids My Size chair is so cute in the navy gingham print with a white monogram.

Many a nights have been spent sitting in that chair feeding our sweet boy. It seems like forever ago that we brought him home, but at the same time just like yesterday. We're already transitioning certain newborn items out of his room, like that ladder shelf. That thing is a climbing accident waiting to happen. 

Maybe by the time he's in college, I will post an updated non-newborn nursery update.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Four Month Update

I'm really trying to be a little more timely with the monthly updates on my sweet baby, but y'all, kids are no joke. If I thought I was busy before a baby, then I don't know what I'd call it now.

Anyway, here's a look at month four, by far one of my most favorite to date. It's been pretty awesome!

We packed so much into month four that it's going to be hard to not bombard the internet with massive amounts of photos, so I'm not even going to apologize as I post with reckless abandon.

First family photos done by our favorite photographer, Susan Stewart Jordan of Love Hunters Photography  (she also was our engagement, wedding, and maternity photographer!) This session was by far my favorite, so much so that I didn't even care that I'm still boasting an extra 15 pounds of pregnancy weight. Our boys just look too perfectly adorable!

This month also came with a lot of other firsts, first Romp Bluegrass Festival, first Fourth of July, first KY Crushed Stone and KY Concrete Association Summer Conventions, starting day care, first time rolling over (front and back!) and about a million other firsts and changes!

It's going by so quickly and before I know it, it will be his first birthday. So I'm trying to savor every moment, every smile, every giggle, and every snuggle while I can. It's bittersweet looking back at those first few weeks with him as a newborn and knowing that he'll never be that little again,. Those sweet, exhausted, hazy moments that blend into one memory and make my mama heart ache for time to stop moving. Yet at the same time, I can't wait to see what he does next. Every stage is so much fun, his personality growing so much more into the little human Drew and I created.

Someone once told me that the days are long, but the weeks are short. I don't think a truer sentiment has ever been made. Stay sweet, doodle bug, your mama loves you more than you'll ever know.